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IgniteForce™  | Be Unleashed
IgniteForce™  | Be Unleashed
Apr 24, 2024, 6:00 PM
US Olympic & Paralympic Museum
Ready to ignite your passion and make a powerful impact? The IgniteForce™ program is here in Colorado Springs! Now more than ever, we need this message of growth and resilience. Join SWL on April 24th at the iconic Olympic & Paralympic Museum! *Coupon - At Checkout 90% Off: "READYFORMORE"

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At SWL, our mission is to ignite purpose, passion, resilience, and connectedness in people's lives. We believe that everyone has an inner purpose and a deep desire for human connection, though for most it lies dormant, waiting to be unleashed.

To activate this purpose and belonging, we utilize our personalized IgniteForce™ event rollout. This begins with high-energy forums that build momentum and excitement. We then transition to more intimate seminars in smaller groups, where participants can go deeper. The culminating experience is our coveted 1:1 encouragement coaching, where individuals get focused support to discover their unique gifts, set and achieve goals.


Our message is simple: every person yearns to be heard and understood. When we feel seen, we light up. By truly listening, we can reignite that dormant spark inside each person and help them connect to their sense of purpose. That is the transformative power we, share, show, and ignite.


Paul Yankey, Founder

Care shown through experienced love.

At SWL, we understand that true healing and empowerment come from within. Instead of waiting for problems to arise, we work upstream, sowing seeds of love, connection, and self-discovery. Our approach is like preventative care for the soul – by nurturing purpose and resilience, we believe we can preempt challenges and foster a more vibrant, fulfilled community.


SWL isn't about band-aid solutions or temporary fixes. We believe in the long-term investment of truly caring for individuals. Our unique combination of events and individualized coaching is crafted to ignite something lasting – a spark that empowers people to overcome obstacles, build meaningful lives, and find their place in the world.



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